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BHM Penlaw EWIV – EEIG, a European economic interest group according to the Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2137/85 of 25th July, 1985, registered under official number HRA54249 with the commercial registry with the Local Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany, with the following registered members:

Henry Page, 34 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris, France

Philipp Hermes, Eppendorfer Weg 57, 20259 Hamburg, Germany

Penlaw Ltd., 37A South Parade, Oxford, OX2 7JN, United Kingdom

Philipp Hermes and Dr. Rosa Sanchez are Rechtsanwälte. They are admitted to practise at the German bar and are members of the Hanseatische Rechtsanwaltskammer Hamburg. Supervisory Body: Hanseatische Rechtsanwaltskammer, Bleichenbrücke 9, 20354 Hamburg, Germany, Phone: 040-35 74 41-0, Fax: 040-35 74 41-41 E-Mail:

The job title as defined by the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany is “Rechtsanwalt”.

The legal profession in Germany is governed by the following laws and regulations: Code of conduct for German lawyers (BRAO – Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung), Professional code of conduct for lawyers (BORA – Berufsordnung für Rechtsanwälte), Regulation regarding Legal Professionals with Specialist Qualifications (Fachanwaltsordnung), Act on the Remuneration of Lawyers (RVG – Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz), Code of conduct for lawyers in Europe (Berufsregeln der Rechtsanwälte der Europäischen Gemeinschaft – CCBE), Act on the practice of European Lawyers in Germany (Gesetz über die Tätigkeit europäischer Rechtsanwälte in Deutschland – EuRAG) v. 9.3.2000 (BGBI I S.182), Law Implementing the Directives of the European Community pertaining to the professional law regulating the legal profession. (Note: All statutes and regulations are available here).

Professional liability insurance: ERGO, Germany. Area of application: worldwide.


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